The Best Legit GPT Sites

Sometimes when I talk about GPT sites people have a hard time believing me that they’re legit. How can anyone just get paid to be online? Well obviously it’s not that simple. You’re not just getting paid to be online—you’re getting paid to do all kinds of tasks. It sounds too good to be true, but companies are willing to pay for useful marketing information about different demographics. In some cases they’re trying to encourage people to shop at their online store, hoping to win them over. These are some of the most common reasons companies make deals with GPT sites, but there are others.

Best GPT Sites for Surveys

That’s why companies are willing to pay you to take surveys—they want to know what people in your demographic think so they know how to advertise better to people like you.

Here are some legit GPT sites that pay out well for surveys:

The cool thing about a lot of these sites is that even if you don’t qualify for the survey, you still get a few points so you’re not wasting your time. They also verify the surveys pretty quickly so you’re not waiting around forever for your points.

Legit GPT Offers and Tasks

Another thing companies are willing to shell out big bucks for is possible leads. They’re willing to pay for the chance to sell you something in the future. That’s why you can get paid to sign up for free trials or newsletters. These companies are paying for a CHANCE to do business with you in the future. Offers can be a little harder to deal with than surverys because you have to remember to cancel trials before the billing cycle starts, but if you set reminders this is pretty easy to manage.

Here are some good GPT sites for completing offers:

Again, just remember to manage your offers and cancel things you don’t want to keep and you’ll be fine.

GPT Sites for Shopping Rebates

If you shop online there’s literally no reason you shouldn’t be taking advantage of rebates.

Get your money back by shopping through these sites:

Best GPT Sites to Get Paid to Search

You’re searching the internet all day, so why not get paid for it? Bing is willing to pay you to use them in hopes that you’ll switch. It makes sense that they would do this because they’re hoping you’ll switch. That’s why it’s a totally legit gpt site.

Here are some GPT sites that pay you to search:

Bing is obviously the best one, but if you’re on Swagbucks or iRazoo anyway it’s worth checking out search.

So those are some of the best GPT sites that are totally legitimate and explanations to why they’re not actually too good to be true. You’re benefiting and the companies paying out prizes are benefiting too. Once you understand how GPT sites work you realize that they can be a totally legit way to make money online. Of course… you’re not looking at a salary in most cases, but you can definitely make some extra spending cash if you use one of the best GPT sites mentioned above.

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