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Update: SuperPoints has be changed and rebranded as RewardShopping. New review coming soon

Superpoints is one of those GPT sites that has some really good ideas, but not the best execution. While they offer the usual ways to earn points like most sites like Swagbucks like surveys and offers, they also have some really creative ways. They have the Super Lucky Button which lets you earn points randomly by clicking a button. You can also earn points by submitting your favorite websites to their Stumble Upon clone, Stumble Rewards. If you’re not familiar with the “Stumble” concept, you basically click a button to be shown a random new website. You can choose to thumbs-up or thumbs-down (or in this case, click a heart or a frowny face) to rate content. If you submit a website to the SuperPoints Stumble Rewards section you earn points. This is a really easy way to earn points by just submitting the best websites you visit.

Sign Up Difficulty: Difficult
Time Spent Daily: 20-30 minutes
Payout Method: Gift Cards, Products, Paypal
Minimum Payout Threshold: $2
Points for Referrals: 750 points for new members
Tasks: Surveys, Super Lucky Button, Offers, Stumble Rewards

Tip: Submit good content to the Stumble Rewards section to earn points.


  • You can earn points by just clicking on the Super Lucky Button
  • You can earn points just by submitting your favorite sites to “Stumble Rewards”
  • They have leaderboards to show you what people are earning every month


  • Confusing points system. 1,637 points gets you $1 in Amazon gift cards
  • Complicated system. XP, points and Karma make things a bit confusing
  • You have to enter a lot of information and complete a lot of steps to get paid
  • The navigation is cluttered and awkward


The reason I said sign up difficulty was difficult is because it actually takes quite a few steps to be eligible to redeem rewards. You have to earn your way to Bronze status by reaching XP level and you have to complete your profile. In general things are a bit confusing with the points system with Superpoints. While most GPT sites and Swagbucks alternatives use a 1 point = 1 penny point system, Superpoints is more like 10+ points = a penny. Plus they complicate things with Karma, XP and sponsoring other members. You can pay for a subscription that allows you to sponsor other members. You earn extra points for sponsoring someone if they complete certain tasks. If someone is sponsoring you, you can earn Karma points and in turn, XP points. It’s a very complicated system compared to other reward sites. But the Stumble Rewards and Super Lucky button do add something unique to the experience.

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