Sites Like Swagbucks But Better

What makes a site better than Swagbucks? There are a lot of factors, but personally for me it’s the payout. How easy is it to get cash (preferred over gift cards) and how easy is it to earn points and how fast you get paid. But there are some other factors that make a good GPT site as well. Let’s start with a list of pros and cons for Swagbucks to see what criteria has to be beat.


Swagbucks Pros:

  • Lots of options to earn points
  • You can earn doing things you already do
  • Lots of payout options and gift cards
  • Signing up earns you automatic Swagbucks
  • Surveys come with a time estimate

Swagbucks Cons:

  • PayPal minimum threshold is high
  • No direct deposit available
  • Limited Mobile Options
  • Search rewards unreliable
  • Busy and confusing site design

Variety of Ways to Earn Points

This is a high bar to beat. Swagbucks lets you earn points by shopping, watching videos, searching, playing games, answering survey questions, printing coupons, referrals and more. So which sites like swagbucks also offer a lot of options?

InstaCG – You can earn points with surveys, offers, just clicking around some websites, search the web and by watching videos.

Mintvine – You can take surveys, complete offers and shop locally.

Gift Hunter Club – They’ve got offerwalls, saily surveys, videos you can watch, tasks, and you can listen to the radio to earn points.

None of these sites actually offer as much stuff as Swagbucks, but they all have their own unique spin. Videos on InstaGC can be an easy way to earn points, listening to the radio with Gift Hunter Club is definitely a unique way to earn, and the local deals option in Mintvine is useful sometimes too.

Earn by Doing What You Already Do

Swagbucks lets you earn points by searching the web and shopping—two things you’re already doing right? Here’s a few sites that also let you earn that way.

Bing Rewards – If you want to get paid to search, you might as well use a decent search engine. 😉

Ebates – If you want to earn money back while you shop, Ebates is the absolute best way to do it. They’re partnered with the most online stores and they offer the best cashback percentages.

Lots of sites like swagbucks offer things like shopping and search to earn points, but really, if you want to maximize the earning potential it makes the most sense to use an actual search engine and shopping site.

Lots of Payout Options & Gift Cards


Surprisingly not every GPT site does this well. Some only offer a handful of obscure gift card options. But InstaCG, which literally is short for “instant gift cards” is one of the best—they have everything from 1-800-Flowers to Zenni Optical.

Signing Up Earns You Points

A lot of great sites like swagbucks give you free points just for signing up. Mintvine gives you a ton of points just for signing up and also gives you 50 free points for getting paid through Dwolla.

Surveys with a Time Estimate


That’s actually a great feature because you know exactly how long it will take you to earn points. At this point most sites with surveys do offer estimates. Mintvine and InstaCG spell it out for you before you begin.

So that’s how some really good GPT sites compare to Swagbucks’s pros… but we want to know how these sites are BETTER than Swagbucks right? Let’s see how they do against some of the cons.

Swagbuck’s PayPal Minimum is Too High

How high is it? $25. Ouch.

InstaCG – This is the best option if you need cash right now. They let you withdraw ANY amount to your PayPal account or bank account. Paypal transfers are INSTANT and free once a month. (Otherwise they cost 20 points.) It’s great for when you’re strapped for cash but you have a few bucks sitting in InstaGC.

Gift Hunter Club – They get honorable mention for letting you get $2 paypal cards at a time. Great low threshold.

Swagbucks Doesn’t Let You Get Direct Deposit to Your Bank

It’s nice to get your money in the bank to use however you want instead of relying on gift cards or even Paypal. Surprisingly the site that’s all about instant gift cards lets you get your money in the bank. Yep, InstaCG once again proves to be like Swagbucks, but better. Much better.

Limited Mobile Options

Once again I gotta give props to InstaCG. The site is much less bloated and easier to navigate that I can do everything on mobile I can do on the desktop version. It’s great.

Swagbucks Has Unreliable Search Payouts

Swagbucks has their weird mechanic where you randomly get points for searching… and it feels random but of course it’s calculated to dispense a certain amount of points at certain times. Much like playing slots it tricks you into feeling lucky early on and then just wastes your time.

You want to get paid to search? Stick to Bing.

Swagbucks Has A Busy Website

Wait, where is my referral link? How do I find surveys? Logging into Swagbucks it’s just way too busy and full of ads.


Some sites that have really streamlined their designs:

Gift Hunter Club – Their site is clean, cute and charming. The categories are neatly laid out and easy to find.

Mintvine – Another example of a really great design. Easy on the eyes, clean, easy to navigate.

InstaCG – Honestly it’s not as charming or polished as Gift Hunter Club or Mintvine, but the simple design makes navigation easy and it’s great on mobile.

So overall, for a number of reasons I really prefer InstaCG. I think it’s better than Swagbucks in a lot of ways that are important to me. That said, I’m not saying not to use Swagbucks. On the contrary! I think they’re a decent GPT site. I just feel that there are a lot of sites that do certain things better.

Anyway, I hope this was helpful! Good luck!

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