Not Earning Enough on InstaGC? Check Out the Chat!

One of the most useful things about InstaGC that makes them stand out as an amazing GPT site is their community. They have a chat window built right into the site and it’s a great way to connect to other people making money from home. The people in the chart are earning just like you… plus there are moderators from InstaGC to answer your technical questions and help out. For one, it’s really nice to chat with people from all over the globe while you’re taking surveys and completing offers—it definitely makes the work more enjoyable.

But the other great benefit to the chat is the tips you’ll get from other users! If videos aren’t loading for you… ask other users if it’s a site issue or something else. People generally have good suggestions about what browsers to use, etc. They’re usually on top of things and know what’s going on. In fact, if there’s a sitewide issue, they’re probably already talking about it.

People also ask and answer questions about what earns them the most points and even what other sites like Swagbucks and InstaGC they use. The community is really helpful and everyone is happy to share their advice. It’s a really friendly place. 🙂

You can also see in real time what gift cards and cash people are redeeming. It’s a huge motivator to see when people are redeeming their cash—especially when you see big numbers. Every time someone gets a big payout the chat blows up and congratulations them. Recently I cashed out $75 and everyone cheered me on and put up trophy emoticons. It was a great feeling! Everyone on InstaGC is truly supportive and it really sets them apart. Most of these offer sites feel disconnected and boring compared to this.


The mods also offer great advice if you ask. Just today I saw a mod make this suggestion:

“the more things you do the more you will qualify for. Make sure you clear cache often and be honest, go slow, and use new emails on offers”

If you have questions the mods are really quick to answer and point you in the right direction. It’s a nice reassurance, especially if something isn’t paying out right away or working properly—the mods can usually tell you what’s going on. It’s like having your personal customer service rep available at all times.

I honestly don’t know why more GTP sites don’t have a built-in community like this one because it’s really helpful. I think it’s part of what sets InstaGC apart from other sites. Working from home and earning money online can sometimes feel so isolating so it’s nice to have people to chat with and help out with stuff. It’s like having a group chat with all of your “coworkers” who get what your day is like.

So if you’ve hit a wall with earning points, check the chat. Ask what other people are doing and get some advice. It never hurts to ask. There’s always going to be people with more experience and knowledge who can help you increase your earning potential. And who knows,? You might make some friends in the process!

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