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UPDATE: Mintvine is now known as Branded Surveys. Most of the changes are cosmetic and you can still sign up here.

Mintvine is a really great Swagbucks alternative because they give you a ton of points to start with. Just for signing up I had over 200 points. (I think you have to sign up through a referral link to get that many points, but I’m not positive. Your results may vary I guess.) You also get a decent amount of points just for answering some “pre survey” questions about stuff like what kind of phone you own or whether you rent or own. Most sites don’t actually pay out very much for stuff like that, so it was kind of cool to see how generous they are. That’s actually something you’ll find with Mintvine—it doesn’t take long to earn points, especially in the beginning. It’s a really good GPT site if you’re looking to get paid out fast for that reason.

Sign Up Difficulty: Easy
Time Spent Daily: 20 minutes or less
Payout Method: Cash (Dwolla or Paypal) or Gift Cards (Amazon, Target, ebay etc)
Minimum Payout Threshold: $10
Points for Referrals: 50 points for signup, then 15% of earnings
Tasks: Surveys, Local Deals, Offers

Tip: Opt to get paid via Dwolla. You get 50 points just for connecting your Dwolla account.


  • You get a ton of points just for signing up
  • Daily polls pay out 5 points, as opposed to Swagbucks that only gives you 1 point per poll
  • You get 50 free points just for getting paid through Dwolla
  • You get 5 points even if you get rejected for a survey
  • You get paid to shop by using Local Deals section (which is kind of like Groupon)
  • Referrals earn you 15% which is a better rate than a lot of GPT sites out there (Swagbucks only pays 10%)


  • The payment threshold is $10 (instead of $5 like most sites)


Mintvine is a really good Swagbucks alternative for people who want to earn a lot of points really fast. It’s easy to reach your first goal despite the 1000 points minimum payout because of how many points you get just for signing up. It’s clear that MV wants people to be excited about using them because why else would they give you so many points right off the bat? It’s also really worth while if you have Dwolla account because you get points just for that. Of course the extra points for using Dwolla don’t actually apply until your first cash out, but again, it’s really easy to hit that $10 threshold within your first week or so, even faster if you’re really diligent about offers and surveys.

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