Ebates Review

Ebates isn’t exactly a site like Swagbucks, but it’s a site that earns you money very easily nonetheless. Literally all you do to earn money is shop. Unlike other sites featured on Sites Like Swagbucks you’re not earning money from completing tasks, but you are getting cash back on all of your purchases. So basically not using Ebates is like paying more than you have to for everything. The way it works is companies want you to shop with them so they advertise on Ebates and offer great deals like 10% cash back on all of your purchases. Meaning if you spend $100, you’re really only spending $90 because $10 of it will come right back to you. Not every store offers 10% of course, that’s just an easy to follow example.

Stores offer anything from 2% to 50% or more depending how badly they want your business. Cell phone companies for example, are willing to give hundreds of dollars of cash back in order to gain your long term business as a customer. Or online stores that are trying to get you to switch from another retailer like eBags might offer you 12% cash back so you’ll try them out. It actually makes a lot of sense for them to offer these discounts from a business standpoint because if they can get you to try them out and stay loyal then they’re happy. And from the customer’s standpoint it doesn’t make sense to pass up the deals on stuff you may have been buying anyway. It’s really win-win. And the sites makes it really easy to see how much cash back you’re going to earn. Just log in, click on the store and shop like you normally would.

Sign Up Difficulty: Easy
Time Spent Daily: None—You just use them when you shop
Payout Method: Big Fat Check
Minimum Payout Threshold: Paid every 3 months after $5.01 minimum
Points for Referrals: $50 for 2 friends who order $25 or more
Tasks: Shopping

Tip: Don’t buy ANYTHING without checking Ebates ever again!


  • There are tons of participating stores like Amazon, Macys, Overstock, Staples, Old Navy, and more
  • You get money back on purchases you would have made any way
  • It’s even easier than old fashioned rebates because you don’t have to do extra work
  • It makes holiday shopping and back to school shopping so easy and fun


  • This isn’t a way to earn money like other Swagbucks like sites


Once you start using Ebates you realize it’s crazy that you haven’t been using it for years already. It’s a no-brainer way to save money on shopping and it’s not hard to do. It’s basically YOUR money that you’re entitled to… it’s foolish not to take advantage of these deals once you realize they’re available to you. The hardest thing is to always remember to use them on purchases you were planning to make but once you make it a habit it’s hard NOT to check Ebates before you buy anything. They offer cash back on almost 2000 stores so it’s really easy to find stores you want to use… even things you weren’t think of like ThinkGeek or TeeFury are on Ebates.

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