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Cash Crate offers a lot of different ways to earn cash, including offers, surveys, videos and games. They also recently added a cash back shopping section to the site, which is becoming very popular on GPT sites. Cash Crate is really great for people who want to get started with GPT sites because they provide a lot of information on how to use their site. There are tutorials and videos explaining how it works and how to complete offers. They’re also really transparent about how much you’ll be earning for each offer you complete by using dollar amounts instead of a convoluted point system.

Another really great thing they’re open about is how much people are earning. They have an earnings wall right on their website where users post checks they’ve received and a grand total of money earned over all since the site was founded in 2006. (Currently the total is almost 4 million dollars.) Another great thing about their site is that it’s laid out in a really intuitive way that makes it easy to navigate. There’s nothing worse than going on a GPT site and not being able to find what you’re looking for. Another cool thing about a lot of the surveys and offers they feature is that while they pay a few bucks, many of them let you enter to win most money and gift cards. The only thing that can get a little confusing is the fact that they have a money system AND a point system to earn gift cards

Sign Up Difficulty: Easy
Time Spent Daily: 15-20 minutes
Payout Method: Check or Gift cards (Visa, Target, Amazon)
Minimum Payout Threshold: $20
Points for Referrals: 20% of what they make, 10% on their referrals + $3 bonus after they earn $10
Tasks: Surveys, Offers, Shopping

Tip: Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends—you get 10% of what they earn too!


  • You get $1 just for signing up
  • Organized web design for easy navigation
  • Everything is listed in dollar amounts instead of points which is very easy to understand
  • They’ve been around since 2006 and aren’t going anywhere
  • You can watch videos to earn points


  • They payment threshold is a little higher than some other sites at $20.
  • It’s a little confusing that you can earn cash AND points, but you get used to it


Cash Crate is a solid GPT site with a lot of offers. It’s a really great site to start with if you’re not familiar with GPT sites because they teach you how to use their site. They also have a pretty easy to navigate website, which helps make things easier as well. They also happen to have one of the best referral programs out there because they not only give you money for your referrals and for their referrals as well. It’s a really great way for them to encourage sign ups. It’s a little strange that you can earn cash for some tasks and points for others, but you get used to the system. Some people may like that you’re working towards two goals, a check and a gift card, so it’s really a matter of preference.

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