List of Sites Like Swagbucks

This is a comprehensive list of all of the reward sites like Swagbucks on the web. This list is updated regularly with reviews, pros and cons and more. Check back from time to time to see new sites reviews and information.

Best Sites Like Swagbucks

These sites are the best Swagbucks alternatives out there—with reviews. Check back often for new reviews. We rate each site based on how easy it is to earn points, what referrals pay out and more. It’s a great resource for people looking to make money online and figure out the fastest way to do it. If you’d like to see an extensive review for a new site you don’t see on the list, please comment below!



Gift Hunter Club – SO many ways to earn points. Get paid via Direct Deposit, Check, or gift cards. It’s a really fast way to earn money. (read review) – You get a LOT of points just for signing up and 50 extra points just for using Dwolla to get paid. (read review) – All you have to do to earn points is share links with their URL shortener. Couldn’t be easier. (read review)

Bing Rewards – Get paid to search. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money. (read review) – Get $1 just to sign up. Their system is straight forward and shows you exactly how much cash you earn for each task or offer. (read review) – Get cash back on everything you buy online. Not a traditional GPT, but a great way to save. (read review) – Very easy to navigate and offers a really unique ways to earn points like listening to the radio. (read review)

NEW: – Open to ALL countries! Not just the US! Not a bad GPT site, but not without some faults. One cool thing is you can earn points by playing games. (read review)

Offer Nation – A bit confusing compared to some other sites, but it has some interesting ways to earn money. (read review)

Swagbucks Alternatives

Swagbucks alternatives and sites like Swagbucks let you earn real money from home without a lot of effort. If you’re already making some money on Swagbucks you’re probably ready to move on to some other websites like it. Some sites operate very similarly, while others are easier or offer better payout options. Every site has its own pros and cons, but they’re all set up with the same thing in mind: to let you make money from home. Some sites payout more often or let you cash in rewards even faster than Swagbucks. We’ve done the research and found some of the best sites like Swagbucks (but better in some cases) and put together a comprehensive list.

Tips and Warnings

As many of you I started out with Swagbucks. While they’ve got a lot of different ways to earn points, they’re not perfect of course. Using a variety of earning sites you start to figure out which ones make the most sense for you and your habits. For example if you like music, you can use a site like Gift Hunter Club and earn points just for listening to a radio web app.

  • Sign up for as many sites as possible to maximize earnings
  • DO complete daily tasks like polls and surveys
  • DO clear your browser history and cookies between sites before you take new surveys
  • DON’T use a proxy or anything to mask your ip address or you will get banned from taking some surveys
  • DON’T complete the same offer through multiple sites
  • OPTIONAL: Turn gift cards into cash by using sites like Giftcard Zen – More info here
  • DO make sure you tell your friends—most sites have a referral program that can earn you extra money
  • DO make money doing what you already do, like searching or shopping. Switch to Bing Rewards for search and log into Swagbucks before you shop online to earn extra points

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